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Questions and Answers

What should I wear? And do I need ballet shoes?

Wear something comfy and stretchy. Most people opt for leggings and a t-shirt. We have our own branded kit too, which is optional. 
Socks are absolutely fine! But ballet shoes are great too. No outdoor shoes. You need to feel your feet on the floor. However for our outdoor classes please wear trainers. 

I have never danced before, will this be suitable?

Absolutely. These classes are designed for complete beginners, so no experience necessary. Although you can't escape the burn even if you've got lots of dance experience, so it's a great workout for all levels!

Is the class suitable for those with injuries?

It's always recommended that you check with your healthcare professional. The low-impact nature of the exercises means that it's very gentle on the joints. We also focus on improving posture, and strengthening the core and glutes, which has a very positive impact on many injuries and we often have reports of a reduction in pain. 

I'm over 70, is this class suitable?

Of course. We welcome all ages, and our classes help to improve balance, stability, coordination and cognitive function, so they make a great addition to a healthy active lifestyle for over 70s.

I'm out of shape and very unfit, will this class be suitable?

Our classes can be done at your own level, so you do as much or as little as you like. We have a very welcoming atmosphere and we are all big supporters of each other. You'll feel encouraged and motivated to achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

I'm pregnant, is this a suitable form of exercise?

Barre classes are a great choice for expectant mothers throughout all trimesters, due to the low impact and gentle nature of the movements. It helps to maintain muscle tone, without placing extra pressure on the joints. It may also relieve some of those pregnancy aches and pains. It can help build strength and endurance for labour too. You may also feel a boost in your energy levels and sleep better at night.

I recently gave birth, can I join?

Congratulations! We ask that you wait until you have been given the all clear at your post-natal check up (usually around 6 weeks). Barre classes are a great option for post-partum mums, looking to gently ease their way back into exercise and strengthen their core. Exercises can be adapted if need be, for example if you have experienced abdominal separation (diastasis recti), there are certain abdominal exercises that we would adapt. 

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